Heritage. Hospitality. Heart.

Fox Hill is the definition of a passion project for owner John Hirschi​.  A man of vision, Mr. Hirschi, saw the potential in this place long before any one else could catch a glimpse.  Combining many of his lifelong pursuits in Fox Hill, John has created a place the exudes comfortable hospitality paired with authenticity.

The property is home to 8 acres and features many terraced gardens and raised beds of our own cultivation.  As an avid organic gardener for over 50 years, John has infused his attention to detail into each and every aspect of the grounds.  His dedication to sustainability and the environment is reflected in the holistic farming practices implemented.

While undertaking the restoration of the original house, John intentionally kept the soul of the old bones while expanding it to fit the needs of a modern kitchen.  He worked with local artist and designer Pam Moller to honor the architectural charm and enhance the aesthetics.  Such details can be seen in the handcrafted ceramics on the fireplace hearth, the stunning stained glass in the foyer, and the painstakingly matched crown molding throughout the restaurant. 

John Hirschi Gardening.jpg


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